WannaGame CTF 2022 Writeup - Pwn Category

Một vài bài pwn khá thú vị và đặc biệt có sự xuất hiện của pwn với java (mặc dù ta không động gì đến java internal)

Lit Ctf 2022 Pwn Writeup - Part 2: Regex

A challenge with a new heap exploitation technique: House of Muney. In this challenge, all we need is: a leak, an arbitrary free, and only one malloc (with input) to control RIP.
And only applicable to binary without FULL RELRO protection.

Lit Ctf 2022 Pwn Writeup - Part 1: House of Cockarocha

Surprisingly a ctf contest for highschoolers actually has a lot of difficult pwn challenges.
These challenges have a lot of creative exploiting techniques: House of Husk, House of Muney.
Therefore, I wanted to make a detailed writeup, starting with the first challenge: House of Cockarocha

Imaginary Ctf 2022 Pwn Writeup

My team purf3ct cleared the pwn section of this ctf, so for the first time, I feel qualifed enough to make a writeup about 2 heap challenges, which introduce some nice heap exploitation techniques


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